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Free Support Webinar Series

During this challenging time of the COVID-19 Pandemic when those of us helping professionals are either managing front line responsibilities and/or isolation, we would like to support you with this free weekly webinar series - Holding Space for Self and Others.

Each week we offer a different perspective on how we can look after ourselves and those around us. Informed by creative therapies' practices and other wellbeing approaches, we will be showcasing special guest presenters, giving out free prizes and offers, sharing strategic tips and resources and giving you opportunities to connect with like-minded others. 

Register below for our next live webinars or scroll below to access previous episodes and resources.


HOLDING SPACE for Self and Others

Episode #9 

Spiritual Direction

9th June 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST (Sydney Time) 


Free 90-minute webinar

Join with other helping professionals to learn and share practical and creative techniques to keep working, keep your family well and yourself sane during this challenging time. The purpose of these free events is to offer you connection, inspiration, ideas and strategies, fun and prizes to support you to help yourself and others. All are welcome!

Special Guest Presenter: Matthew Evans, Psychologist and Spiritual Director MA.Psych.,MAPS


Matthew has worked as a psychologist in both public and private clinics for more than 20 years. Matthew’s counselling strengths are in treating anxiety, depression, and stress as well as relationship problems. He tailors his treatment to address the unique problems of each person in order to tap into their own resourcefulness and common sense. Matthew has a warm, empathic, approachable manner and creates a safe non-judgmental environment for confidential disclosure.

His particular area of interest is in assisting clients to connect with their spirituality and innate wisdom using mindfulness and similar strategies to address a range of presenting problems.




Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA) 

Jacki is the Clinical Director of Sydney Centre for Creative Change. She is a registered counselling psychologist and play therapy supervisor with over 20 years experience in counselling, group work and training. 

She believes in the power of imagination, positivity, play and possibilities - especially in the face of challenge. 

Passionate about supporting others to find creative ways to express, explore and resolve difficulties, Jacki loves sharing opportunities for connection and creativity. 



Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar you will be able to:

1) Connect with other helping professional to share ideas and support

2) Hear from Matthew Evans about spiritual direction and understand what it is and how it can benefit us and some of our clients at this time.

3) Gain knowledge and access to resources and information

Date and Time

Live webinar will be run on

Tuesday 9th June 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST (Sydney) 

Tuesday 9th June 10.30 - 11.30am (Darwin)

Tuesday 9th June 9.00 - 10.00am (Perth)

Tuesday 9th June 6.30 - 7.30am  IST (New Delhi)

Monday 8th June 9.00 - 10.00pm EDT (New York)

Monday 8th June 8.00 - 9.00pm CDT 

Monday 8th June 7.00 - 8.00pm MDT 

Monday 8th June 6.00 - 7.00pm PDT


ANIMAL ASSISTED THERAPY AND SUPPORT  Wednesday 24th June 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST (Sydney) 

Special Guest - Mrs Jay Anderson 

Jay Anderson is a registered psychologist, counsellor and play therapist supervisor who provides services in southwest Western Australia at the Southwest Wellbeing Centre. Jay has worked in the Human Services field for about 25 years, of which the last 12 years have involved therapeutic work. Jay's passion is "making a difference" and she works with adults as well as children. She enjoys a wholistic focus on human wellbeing and working collaboratively with the client and associated professionals. She has a strong interest in Animal Assisted Therapy and her dog has engaged in therapy with her for a few years now.


Wednesday 8th July 11.00am - 12.00pm AEST (Sydney) 

Special Guest Presenter: Mary Jo McVeigh

Mary Jo McVeigh is the founder and director of Cara House ‘a place for healing, discovery and growth’ and CaraCare charity; both which support vulnerable children, young people and their families through trauma- specific counselling and human rights practices. As a trauma therapist and an accredited mental health social worker with over 35 years- experience, Mary Jo has worked with children and families who have experienced child abuse, violence and trauma by assisting them to tap into their own resilience and strengths, to look at how they have survived in the face of adversity.

Whilst the importance of children’s human rights has been nationally and internationally acknowledged on larger socio-political and systemic scales, Mary Jo’s research and literature review has highlighted that within the context of every day social work and therapeutic practice, children’s rights often remain invisible. This has inspired Mary Jo with the vision and determination to champion a children’s rights agenda across these sectors.


Previous Webinars Available Free 

#1 - Holding Space for Self and Others

In this episode, Jacki Short shares the challenges of helping others in the times of crisis (that COVID-19) presents for all of us. Hear how she uses Mitchell's model of crisis intervention to make practical decisions about how we can best help ourselves and others. 

Jacki Short is the Director of Sydney Centre for Creative Change, a Registered Counselling Psychologist and Play Therapist Supervisor. She believes in the power of creativity to help in hard times.


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#2 - Holding Space for Self and Others

Special Guest Dr Eliana Gil 

In this episode, Dr Eliana Gil shares practical ideas and strategies for self care as well as online therapy with children and families. Hear how she "shakes it off" and her thoughts around ethical engagement online.

Dr Eliana Gil, Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor (RPT-S), Registered Art Therapist (ATR), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) has worked in the field of child abuse prevention and treatment throughout her professional career (over 40 years). Whilst semi-retired, Dr Gil is still teaching, consulting and supervising and has a passion for play and other expressive therapies like sand, drama and art therapy.


ACCESS Dr Eliana Gil's Support and Practical Techniques


#3 - Holding Space: Nature Based Therapy

Special Guest Jamie Lynn Langley

In this episode, Jamie Lynn Langley shares practical methods to "Get Grounded, Get Going and Get Growing" for our own self care and support of others. Hear how she uses nature based activities in 'real space' as well as online. Additionally learn 7 tips to help unplug from online work.

  Jamie Lynn Langley is a Clinical Registered Social Worker and Play Therapy Supervisor in Tennessee, US. She has been incorporating nature-based activities in her therapy work with children, young people, adults and families for over 30 years and loves being in nature for her own well being. 

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#4 Holding Space - Music for Wellness

In this episode, Registered Music Therapists, Dr Jeanette Kennelly and Tania Balil share practical ways that music can be used for our own self care and support of others (as well as some limits and cautions). Additionally consider how you can identify protective factors that are your own personal resilience qualities.

Registered Music Therapists, Dr Jeanette Kennelly and Tania Balil have over 30 years of combined experience using music therapy for support and wellness. 

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#5 Holding Space - Mindfulness Meditation

In this episode, Clinical Psychotherapist, Margie Braunstein shares sound reasons to embrace mindfulness (especially during this time of anxiety) as well as practical approaches to it. Her focus on Intention, Attention and Attitude provides an accessible way of understanding how to start and maintain a practice of mindfulness.

Additionally consider how you can identify activities to balance pleasure, achievement and connection to maximise your wellbeing at this time. 

Clinical Psychotherapist, Margie Braunstein has over 25 years experience in counselling and group work that supports her practice of mindfulness and her book, "Getting to the Heart of Stress" provides great tools for identifying and managing anxiety. 

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Mindfulness Resources

Guide to Living with Worry and Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty


#6 Holding Space - Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Challenges

In this episode, Dr Robert Grant reflects on challenges and opportunities in working online with children with ASD and other sensory processing issues. He offers some practical ways to engage online and activities to use with parents and children. 

Additionally, consider how you manage your thinking about giving to others and yourself to maximise your wellbeing at this time. 

 Dr. Grant, Licensed Professional Counsellor, National Certified Counsellor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, and Certified Autism Specialist, owns and operates the Robert Jason Grant Ed.D AutPlay Therapy Clinic and specializes in play therapy techniques with children, adolescents, adults, and families as well as working with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and Developmental Disabilities. He is the creator of AutPlay® Therapy, an Autism treatment using Play Therapy, behavioural therapy, and relationship development approaches.

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#7 Holding Space - Creative Interventions

In this episode, Liana Lowenstein shares some fun and engaging ways to work with children online as well as some activities to help with assessment and emotional regulation. 

Additionally, consider ways to check how close you are to burn out and a recent study suggesting one practical way to prevent burn out. 

Special Guest Presenter - Liana Lowenstein MSW, RSW, CPT-S. Liana is a Clinical Social Worker, Certified Play Therapist-Supervisor, and Certified TF-CBT Therapist who is known internationally for her best-selling books on Creative Interventions for Children, Young People and Families. She joined us LIVE from Toronto, Canada.

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#7 Holding Space -Working with Children

In this episode, Dr Jodi Mullen reflects on the challenges and opportunities that counselling and play therapy present in these times and shares practical ways to manage and support self and others. 

Additionally, hear about what the "Third Quarter" in isolation is and how it can affect us. 

Special Guest Presenter - Jodi Ann Mullen has been a Mental Health Counselor and Play Therapist for 25 years. She is a professor at SUNY Oswego in the Counseling & Psychological Services Department where she coordinates the Mental Health Counseling Program and Graduate Certificate Program in Play Therapy. She is also the Director of Integrative Counseling Services in New York State. Dr. Mullen is an international speaker and author. She has authored several manuscripts on play therapy and counselling.

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