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Free Support Webinar Series

During this challenging time of the COVID-19 Pandemic when those of us helping professionals are either managing front line responsibilities and/or isolation, we would like to support you with this free weekly webinar series - Holding Space for Self and Others.

Each week we offer a different perspective on how we can look after ourselves and those around us. Informed by creative therapies' practices and other wellbeing approaches, we will be showcasing special guest presenters, giving out free prizes and offers, sharing strategic tips and resources and giving you opportunities to connect with like-minded others. 


Scroll below to register for our next live webinars or access previous episodes and resources.

If you would like a CPD attendance certificate emailed to you for any of these free webinars, please complete the online quiz below for each. You must attain a score of 80% or more.







Upcoming Webinars



#14 – Parenting Kids: Anxious to Calm

Special Guest Presenter:

Deb Hopper

20th August 11.30am -12.30pm AEST (Sydney Time) 




Free 60-minute Webinar

Supporting parents who are managing anxiety in their children is a critical way to help families at this challenging time. Occupational Therapist Deb Hopper will share practical strategies to help you help parents help children (that's a lot of helping!) with anxiety and provide tools for success and becoming more independent in what they need to do by reducing and managing their anxiety.

Join with other helping professionals to learn and share practical and creative techniques to keep working, keep your family well and yourself sane during this challenging time. The purpose of these free events is to offer you connection, inspiration, ideas and strategies, fun and prizes to support you to help yourself and others. All are welcome!

By the end of the webinar you will be able to:

  1. Connect with other helping professional to share ideas and support
  2. Hear from about ways to understand and help manage anxiety and insomnia in children and young people
  3. Gain knowledge and access to resources and information



Presenter: Deb Hopper


Live webinar will be run on:

Thursday 20th August 11.30am - 12.30pm AEST (Sydney) 

Thursday 20th August 11.00am - 12.00pm (Darwin, Adelaide)

Thursday 20th August 9.30 - 10.30am (Perth, Hong Kong)

Thursday 20th August 7.00 - 8.00am  IST (New Delhi)


Available Free Webinars 



#1 - Holding Space for Self and Others

Presenter: Jacki Short

In this episode, Jacki Short shares the challenges of helping others in the times of crisis (that COVID-19) presents for all of us. Hear how she uses Mitchell's model of crisis intervention to make practical decisions about how we can best help ourselves and others. 

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#2 - Practical Issues for Tele-Play Therapy

Special Guest Presenter: Dr Eliana Gil

In this episode, special guest Dr Eliana Gil shares practical ideas and strategies for self-care as well as online therapy with children and families. Hear how she "shakes it off" and her thoughts around ethical engagement online.


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#3 - Holding Space: Nature Based Therapy

Special Guest Presenter: Jamie Lynn Langley

In this episode, special guest Jamie Lynn Langley shares practical methods to "Get Grounded, Get Going and Get Growing" for our own self-care and support of others. Hear how she uses nature based activities in 'real space' as well as online. Additionally, learn 7 tips to help unplug from online work.


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#4 - Holding Space: Music for Wellness

Special Guest Presenters: Dr Jeanette Kennelly and Tania Balil

In this episode, Registered Music Therapists, Dr Jeanette Kennelly and Tania Balil share practical ways that music can be used for our own self care and support of others (as well as some limits and cautions). Additionally consider how you can identify protective factors that are your own personal resilience qualities.

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#5 - Holding Space: Mindfulness Meditation

Special Guest Presenter: Margie Braunstein

In this episode, Clinical Psychotherapist, Margie Braunstein shares sound reasons to embrace mindfulness (especially during this time of anxiety) as well as practical approaches to it. Her focus on Intention, Attention and Attitude provides an accessible way of understanding how to start and maintain a practice of mindfulness. Additionally consider how you can identify activities to balance pleasure, achievement and connection to maximise your wellbeing at this time. 


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#6 - Holding Space: Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Challenges

Special Guest Presenter: Dr Robert Grant

In this episode, Dr Robert Grant reflects on challenges and opportunities in working online with children with ASD and other sensory processing issues. He offers some practical ways to engage online and activities to use with parents and children. Additionally, consider how you manage your thinking about giving to others and yourself to maximise your wellbeing at this time. 


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#7 - Holding Space: Creative Interventions

Special Guest Presenter: Liana Lowenstein

In this episode, Liana Lowenstein shares some fun and engaging ways to work with children online as well as some activities to help with assessment and emotional regulation. Additionally, consider ways to check how close you are to burn out and a recent study suggesting one practical way to prevent burn out. 

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#8 - Holding Space: Working with Children

Special Guest Presenter: Dr Jodi Mullen

In this episode, Dr Jodi Mullen reflects on the challenges and opportunities that counselling and play therapy present in these times and shares practical ways to manage and support self and others. Additionally, hear about what the "Third Quarter" in isolation is and how it can affect us. 


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#9 - Holding Space: Spiritual Direction

Special Guest Presenter: Matthew Evans

In this episode, Matthew Evans reflects on the challenges and opportunities that this pandemic crisis can present us with from a spiritual and life meaning and purpose perspective. He describes the similarities and differences that spiritual direction has with counselling and supervision and offers a "welcoming practice" as an example of a spiritual direction process. 


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#10 - Holding Space: Animal Assisted Therapy

Special Guest Presenter: Jay Anderson 

In this episode, Mrs Jay Anderson defines and describes different types of animal assisted-therapy and a range of pathways for training and registration. Practical considerations about using animals in care, counselling and support roles are discussed and considered.


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#11 - Holding Space: Ethics in the Time of COVID-19

Presenter:  Jacki Short

In this episode, Jacki Short reviews Kitchener's ethical principles for counselling with particular reference to COVID-19 challenges. Hear from your colleagues about their current ethical challenges as well as practical ways to manage these. 


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Video coming soon


#12 - Holding Space: Creative Engagement for Online Counselling 

Presenter:  Jacki Short

In this episode, Jacki Short reviews creative ways to engage with counselling clients online using Art, Nature, Music, Play and Games. 

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Video coming soon


#13 Understanding Anxiety and Insomnia in Children and Young People: The Nesting Approach

Presenter: Professor Sue Jennings

In this episode, Professor Sue Jennings 


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