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The Internal Family Systems Model: Action Methods for Counselling

Item Code: Internfam
Price:  $50.00

The Internal Family Systems Model: Action Methods for Counselling

Item Code: Internfam
Price:  $50.00
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The Internal Family Systems Model: Action Methods for Counselling

    Webinar Description

    90-minute webinar

    Learn about Internal Family Systems theory and how it can be used in therapy to increase awareness of self and invite change. As a model that promotes self-acceptance, strengths and parts of self, Internal Family Systems theory lends itself well to integration with forms of dramatherapy. Parts of self are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Every part of the complex human being is useful. But with the whole Self in charge, a management and redistribution of the parts and their relationship to one another can be very helpful. Exercises and interpersonal role play between parts of self with the whole Self as a witness will be conducted in this webinar.  Witnessing is extremely important, so that we can engage two polarised parts and allow the conscious Self to observe what happens between them.

    In this webinar you will learn how parts of self can be identified and patterns can start to change. You will have the opportunity to directly participate in exercises that bring awareness to parts of self and patterns of relating. We will consider initial warmups that can be used to prepare clients for this approach and how reflection can bring safety to the process.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Understand how Internal Family Systems theory can work together with action methods
    2. Consider applications to support clients with anxiety, depression and other obstacles to wellbeing
    3. Identify the theoretical basis of Internal Family Systems Theory
    4. Have considered the evidence for effectiveness
    5. Have had an experience with this method

    Date and Time

    Live webinar will be run live on




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    Presenter - Dr Joanna Jaaniste



    Joanna has been a qualified creative arts therapist for 29 years. She has experience with people with mental health issues, and worked in that area in a busy Therapy and Recovery Service in NSW mental health for 19 years.

    Joanna is passionate about the ability of clients to work creatively with any present issues around their diagnosis or their lives in the here and now. She recognises that the Internal Family Systems method can consciously reframe unhelpful behaviours.

    Her experience has shown how quite simple changes can benefit clients’ self-belief and interpersonal relationships.




    You will need paper and coloured pencils, textas, pastels or crayons. You will also need to bring three different shawls, large scarves or pieces of fabric.


    Approved ACA Event for 5 points