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Very clear and easy to access.

Sue is a great source of knowledge and has such clarity around play and attachment that it makes it easy to follow and listen, even online. 

Building Children's Attachment, Empathy and Resilience: Embodiment, Projection, Role

Webinar Description

90-minute webinar

Gain a practical and playful insight into stories to build attachment, empathy and resilience in this LIVE 90 minute webinar. 

Children who live in unsafe environments may experience trauma which can result in developmental delay. This webinar explores how therapeutic stories can assist children re-pair attachments, develop empathy and reinforce resilience.  We shall consider the importance of children developing trust as a basis of attachment, and the containment circles that continue to ‘hold’ babies and toddlers before they start to strive towards independence.  The Moose and Mouse stories ( have themes of attachment, empathy, resilience, curiosity and difference, and are therapeutic after trauma, as well as being appropriate for children on the autistic spectrum.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar you will be able to:

  1. Understand the positive impact of therapeutic stories
  2. Gain skills for application with children with development delay
  3. See creative ways for devising appropriate stories
  4. Know techniques for making safe and contained spaces


Date and Time

Live webinar will be run on:




Attending from interstate or internationally?

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Presenter - Professor Sue Jennings


Professor Sue Jennings PhD is an anthropologist, therapist, performer, and author. She is Senior Research Fellow, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham

Distinguished Scholar, University of the Witwatersrand, Honorary Fellow of the University of Roehampton, and Professor of Play - awarded by the European Federation of Dramatherapy. She has been a pioneer of Dramatherapy and Play Therapy in the UK and overseas.

Professor Jennings' paradigm ‘embodiment-projection-role’ is integrated into education and therapy world-wide. Having worked as a clinician in psychiatry, forensic settings and special education, she has focussed her recent practice and research on early years development and developed ‘Neuro-Dramatic-Play’ as a basis for attachment and empathy.

She emphasises the importance of ‘play from conception’ for healthy emotional and social growth. Her doctoral fieldwork was with a tribal community in the Malaysian rain forest, which she believes underpins all her childhood theory and therapy. Sue is a prolific author with over fifty publications on theory and application to her name. She believes passionately in ‘playing for peace’ with a rule of ‘no guns in the playroom’.



Participant Preparation

You will find it useful to have paper and crayons, scissors, sticky tape, and clay or plasticine on hand for the webinar.


Approved ACA Event for 5 points 


More Feedback


Wonderful teaching!


I am very excited!!!! Thank you Sue!!!!


Excellent stuff Sue. Thanks


Very informative. Thoroughly enjoyed


Enjoyable and inclusive online training.


Some really interesting theory as well as some applications. A lovely presenter too