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Great workshop! Learning new skills has never been so active, fun and inspiring.  Definitely a workshop that I would recommend to others.

Psychologist, Private Practice


Of all the training I have done, the knowledge and skills you gave me have been sustained the best. I feel I have not only learnt so much but felt, lived and taken on board this whole new philosophy of working with children and adolescents. I've been motivated and inspired to follow what makes my heart sing, not just work. Thank you, for allowing me to realise I'm in the right field of practice and that I can give this work my own flair, flavour and colour. I'm finding myself really thinking about the work I'm doing with children now and enjoy being on this journey with them. You create VERY special moments in time for people and I think every one of us walked out of the course with so much more than we ever thought we'd receive. Thank you.

Social Worker, Case Manager


This is by far the most useful workshop I have ever attended. Very good balance of ideas/ practical suggestions and theoretical underpinnings.

Counsellor, Youth off the Streets


I have been to quite a few workshops in recent times and yours was a class above the rest. Unfortunately I have been to plenty of places where an uninspiring presenter puts people to sleep by reading all day from overcrowded power point slides. In contrast your presentation was a brilliant mix of passive and active learning, with lots of interaction.

Psychologist, Private Practice


The most valuable thing about this course was being reminded that talking therapy and taking the lead isn't always beneficial for the client and knowing that there's more to counselling than CBT.

Caseworker, South East Women and Children’s Support Service


The days were well planned and executed. Information shared and learnt was amazing, all worth putting into practice. The applications to my work from this training make me feel proud of the person and psychologist I am becoming.

Psychologist, Private Practice


I felt apprehensive about the 3 days of art therapy because I see myself has having few artistic skills. In fact they were the most emotional and powerful days of the course for me. I’ve never done art therapy and my anxiety around my artistic talents simply melted away. Loved the practicality of the workshop, all the resources information you gave us. Again the experiential aspect was amazing and the only way to learn!. I have never enjoyed a course as much as I’ve enjoyed yours. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you !Thanks for your generosity of information, your gentle way of containing the emotional moments, the caring, calming and trusting environment you created and your infectious passion for play therapy.

Counsellor, Anglicare


This is the most powerful tool I have found to work with children who have limited verbal skills, and attention or behavioural difficulties. It ensures that children are given opportunity for positive interaction. What an emotionally intelligent way to relate with children!

Psychologist, Private Practice


As a beginning practitioner working with children, it was exceptionally useful for me to attend the Art and Play Therapy Workshop. I learnt how to work with children in a non-directive way that was at home with my own therapeutic orientation. Importantly, the course showed me how I could just “be” with children rather than impose my own agenda during sessions. I immediately put into practice what I had learned during the two days and found an instantaneous shift in the dynamic of my sessions. I found that I learnt more about the children and I felt that I was working in a way that honoured the children’s own process. I would highly recommend this workshop.

School Counsellor, Private School


Attending the art and play therapy workshop was a very valuable experience. The workshop helped me to consolidate theory to practice and enabled me to refine the way I work with both children and adults. The practical exercises completed in the workshop highlighted how powerful these techniques are in processing issues at hand. Since then, I have been able to implement these skills to really assist my clients.

Psychologist, Private Practice


This workshop has been an enriching and rewarding experience to be part of with respectful and creative facilitation and real participant growth and development. There was a great balance of theory and practice and lots of opportunities to learn and grow in a very safe environment.

Counsellor, Benevolent Society


I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable two days of training. I found your experiential approach very useful, as we had opportunities to apply and practice what we were being taught, in a safe and non-threatening environment. I am feeling more confident in my abilities to use play, sand tray, and art therapies with clients. You have helped me to overcome my anxiety about art.

Counselling Program Coordinator, CatholicCare


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