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Dr Rachel Alvater, Licensed Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (USA)

Stories and Activities for Children

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This Crisis Does Not Change the Importance of the Therapeutic Relationship in Children's Lives: Provide Emotional Support to Your Play Therapy Clients through Parent - Child Special Play Time

Garry Landreth



We are excited to have been able to convert most of our face-to-face training courses into an online format to make training possible for you.
I am so proud of our dynamic, experienced and flexible team of trainers who have been so positive about embracing the Zoom platform to continue to bring you live and interactive learning!
Some of our courses have needed to be reduced in length as the highly practical components can't be virtually delivered. Good news! This means cheaper and more time-effective learning for you.
We have had great feedback from courses we have run online so far and we remain committed to live and small group, interactive learning experiences for you.
Wishing you well,
Jacki Short