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Awake in the Body: Introduction to Somatic Movement Therapy

Item Code: amt
Price:  $180.00

Awake in the Body: Introduction to Somatic Movement Therapy

Item Code: amt
Price:  $180.00
Sorry, this item isn't presently available for purchase

Webinar Description

LIVE 3- hour online course

In this three-hour workshop you will be introduced a brief history of Somatic Dance Movement Therapy and see practical applications for how such processes can be best introduced and utilised when working with adult clients.


You will learn about various Somatic Theories and tiered application to support integrating body-based movement and expressive arts processes to increase client’s self-awareness, inner resources & resilience.


Be guided through gentle processes to experience and discuss the role of suggested methods, illustrating best practices for facilitation.


Consider case studies from individual therapy sessions and group work programs.


This is an opportunity for you to get curious and inspired, connect with your body and become more confident in exploring avenues for movement and creative self-discovery.


Join Community worker & Movement & Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator Cathy Williams in this informative and experiential workshop.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar you will have the opportunity to:


1.    Learn about the history and pioneers of various Somatic & Dance Movement Therapy theories - their differences and similarities;


2.    Understand how these processes can be implemented to support your existing work with clients;


3.    Experience the benefit and transformative potential of body-based, movement and expressive art processes;


4.    Explore deepening awareness & connection with your own body’s wisdom and growing the creative possibilities of your work with clients.


Questions Addressed

  • What does Somatic Movement Therapy involve?
  • What are the differences and similarities between various Movement Therapy Theories?
  • How can I support my client to have a connected relationship with their body?
  • How can I encourage my client to try different self-regulation techniques using their body?
  • What are the benefits of Somatic Movement Therapy?
  • How has Somatic Movement Therapy been applied with different cases & client groups?
  • How can I encourage my client to use movement to process their emotions?
  • How can my client be more aware of their body?
  • How do I begin to integrate body-based movement processes in my client work?
  • In what ways can we creatively work with different parts of the self?

Who Should Attend 

Practitioners that work with adults and are curious about integrating movement, somatic & expressive arts processes into their practice with clients - individually or in group work settings.


Learning Methods

  • Interactive and practical presentation
  • Large and small group discussions
  • Gentle Movement Based Methods practice
  • Expressive Arts exercise
  • Opportunities to reflect on method applications


Dates and Times

Live online courses will be run on:


Monday 29th July, 2024 10am - 1pm AEST




Monday 11th November, 2024  2-5pm AEDT


Numbers limited to 20 people.


Attending from interstate or internationally?

You can use this time converter to check the exact day and time of this training for your location.


Presenter - Cathy Williams



Masters in Social Science, Movement Based Somatic Therapy


Cathy Williams is a Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator. 


She has worked in the field of Community Development within Australia and internationally for 14 years, designing and implementing a number of grassroots community, youth and social justice programs focused on capacity building. 


Her ‘Intuitive Self’ offerings, since 2016, utilise movement and creative modalities as avenues to enhance participants connection to their innate Body Wisdom and strengthen their ability to listen to, trust in and follow their intuitive guidance. 


Encouraging clients agency and creative self-discovery, Cathy guides individuals and community groups through experiences to inspire curious inquiry and access inner resources which support them to navigate the ebb and flow of this wild life. 



Work Paying?

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Participant Preparation

You will need:

A device you can use other than your phone (with a camera) so you can participate in this interactive learning webinar;

To wear comfortable clothes for movement exploration;

To be located in a space you can move (i.e. privacy);

To have some A4 or A3 loose paper and drawing materials (pencils/pastels). 



Approved ACA Event for 5 points