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Discover Hidden Insights: Role-Reversal and Art Making

Item Code: DHI
Price:  $70.00

Discover Hidden Insights: Role-Reversal and Art Making

Item Code: DHI
Price:  $70.00
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Webinar Description

90-minute webinar

    Learn how a dramatic role-reversal with an artwork can reveal insight in this LIVE 90 minute webinar. 


    Psychodrama and dramatherapy have gifted us a method of externalising created artwork. In taking on the role of the painting or sculpture made by the client, the artwork’s voice can answer the questions posed by its creator. 


    During this webinar, you can experience a very simple way of making an artwork on a particular theme and then asking a question of your own created work.  You will be guided clearly through this process and have the opportunity to share reflections in breakout rooms. You will also have time to consider the applications of this process for your own counselling practice and hear from the presenter about case applications.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar you will be able to:

    1.  Identify the dynamics of role-reversal
    2. Become aware of possibilities of the discovery of insights in artwork
    3. Identify strengths to deal with role-reversal
    4. Reflect on connections with the participant’s own life
    5. Consider applications for counselling practice

    Date and Time

    Live webinar will be run live on

    21st November 2024, 7-8.30pm AEDT


    Attending from interstate or internationally?

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    Presenter - Dr Joanna Jaaniste


    Joanna Jaaniste, PhD has 31 years experience as a drama therapist. She is an Adjunct Fellow of Western Sydney University where she has worked for many years in various capacities with the students on the Master of Art Therapy course. She teaches on the Master of Creative Arts Therapy course at he University of Melbourne and has a small private practice. 
    She worked for 20 years in the mental health sector and also with addiction and adolescents at risk.

    Joanna is passionate about the ability of art and dramatherapy to help people in a trauma-informed way to celebrate new ways of being, to grieve past losses and to work creatively with any present issues. 
    Joanna has published widely in peer-reviewed journals, giving presentations at conferences and training courses around the world, especially in her home country of Australia. 


    $70 AUD


    You will need paper and coloured pencils, textas, pastels or crayons and a shawl or blanket.


    Approved ACA Event for 5 points