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Not Another Icebreaker: Engaging Activities for Starting Groups

Item Code: ice
Price:  $60.00

Not Another Icebreaker: Engaging Activities for Starting Groups

Item Code: ice
Price:  $60.00
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This was extremely helpful and practical thank you!

Loved it.

That was awesome!

Thanks so much, Natalie. It was super useful.

Interactive, practical, great session


Webinar Description

90-minute webinar

There is that awkward moment when a group begins that we are meant to say our names and share something about ourselves…the painful icebreaker activity that aims to bring people together but more often than not can be awkward and anxiety provoking. Help…not another icebreaker!

In this webinar, you will explore effective ways of starting a group to ensure even the most anxious of participants can engage and participate. If you run any type of group, this webinar will build up your toolbox with creative and purposeful group beginnings that don’t thrust your participants into the spotlight but slowly offers them a way to be part of a group.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar you will be able to:


1) Identify practical tools to start a group effectively

2) Understand what tool to use and when for specific groups

Presenter - Natalie Mackenzie, Registered Drama Therapist, Masters in Drama Therapy 


Natalie is a registered dramatherapist with ANZATA (Australia and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association) and the British Association of Dramatherapists in the UK.

She has over 10 years' experience working with children who have experienced emotional trauma and provides individual and group dramatherapy programs to support children’s mental health.

Passionate about empowering children and their families to cope with life's challenges in creative ways, Natalie loves bringing groups alive.



Participant Preparation

You will need paper and coloured textas on hand for the webinar.

Dates and Times

Live only webinar will be run on


13th September 2024, 9:30am - 11am AEST Sydney Time

Attending from interstate or internationally?

You can use this time converter to check the exact day and time of this training for your location.


Please note, this is a LIVE and INTERACTIVE training event. We don't record this.


  Approved ACA Event for 5 points