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Holding Space for Self and Others

Free Support Webinar Series

Starting during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic when helping professionals were managing front line responsibilities and/or isolation, we started this free webinar series - Holding Space for Self and Others.

Bimonthly we offer a different perspective on how we can look after ourselves and those around us. Informed by creative therapies' practices and other wellbeing approaches, we will be showcasing special guest presenters, giving out free prizes and offers, sharing strategic tips and resources and giving you opportunities to connect with like-minded others. 

Join with other helping and education professionals to learn and share practical and creative techniques to keep working, keep your family well and yourself supported during challenging times. The purpose of these free events is to offer you connection, inspiration, ideas and strategies, fun and prizes to support you to help yourself and others. All are welcome!

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Approved ACA Events for 5 points each



#52  - Cocooned Care: Tailoring Successful Counselling Approaches for Teens

Presenter: Ellie Rose (Counsellor)

7th June 2024 10 - 11.15am AEST (Sydney Time) 

Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)



This webinar will shed light on the essential aspects of a specialised counselling approach for supporting adolescent clients. Adolescents have unique developmental and social needs which require a tailored approach to counselling. This webinar will provide valuable insights and knowledge to equip counsellors with the necessary tools to navigate the ever-changing world of 2024.

Participants will gain insight into best practices for working with teenage clients, including involving family support and navigating challenging issues. 

We will draw on the latest research and utilise years of clinical experience with teens and their families to explore presentations our teen clients may come into the counselling room with, and discuss how to confidently tailor our therapeutic approaches to support them. 


Learning Outcomes


By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:


          1.  Apply existing therapeutic skills to deliver tailored therapeutic approaches for adolescents, addressing unique issues that arise during their transition to adulthood. 

          2. Identify the unique developmental and social needs of adolescents, fostering a comprehensive understanding crucial for effective counselling


      3. Understand the importance of involving families and further support systems in adolescent care 






#53  - Holding Space in Business: Mindset, beliefs and boundaries for a sustainable business

Presenter: Shandra Moran

22nd August 2024 10 - 11.15am AEST (Sydney Time) 

Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)



In this practical session you will explore the key foundational elements of business to ensure you create a sustainable and scalable model. Too often women go into business with a priority focus on providing care and support to others.
Whilst this is admirable, there also needs to be a lens on ensuring you as the practitioner are also looking after yourself and the viability of your business.

In this webinar session you will be guided through practical steps you can take to create and hold space for yourself, as you provide support and care for your clients. 


Learning Outcomes


By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:


          1. Discover 3 core areas of focus for a sustainable business

          2. Clarify which area you need to prioritise first


      3. Leave with one clear action you can apply to your situation right away




Available Free Webinars 



#1 - Holding Space for Self and Others

Presenter: Jacki Short

In this episode, Jacki Short shares the challenges of helping others in the times of crisis (that COVID-19) presents for all of us. Hear how she uses Mitchell's model of crisis intervention to make practical decisions about how we can best help ourselves and others. 

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#2 - Practical Issues for Tele-Play Therapy

Special Guest Presenter: Dr Eliana Gil

In this episode, special guest Dr Eliana Gil shares practical ideas and strategies for self-care as well as online therapy with children and families. Hear how she "shakes it off" and her thoughts around ethical engagement online.


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#3 - Holding Space: Nature Based Therapy

Special Guest Presenter: Jamie Lynn Langley

In this episode, special guest Jamie Lynn Langley shares practical methods to "Get Grounded, Get Going and Get Growing" for our own self-care and support of others. Hear how she uses nature based activities in 'real space' as well as online. Additionally, learn 7 tips to help unplug from online work.


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#4 - Holding Space: Music for Wellness

Special Guest Presenters: Dr Jeanette Kennelly and Tania Balil

In this episode, Registered Music Therapists, Dr Jeanette Kennelly and Tania Balil share practical ways that music can be used for our own self care and support of others (as well as some limits and cautions). Additionally consider how you can identify protective factors that are your own personal resilience qualities.

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#5 - Holding Space: Mindfulness Meditation

Special Guest Presenter: Margie Braunstein

In this episode, Clinical Psychotherapist, Margie Braunstein shares sound reasons to embrace mindfulness (especially during this time of anxiety) as well as practical approaches to it. Her focus on Intention, Attention and Attitude provides an accessible way of understanding how to start and maintain a practice of mindfulness. Additionally consider how you can identify activities to balance pleasure, achievement and connection to maximise your wellbeing at this time. 


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#6 - Holding Space: Supporting Children with Sensory Processing Challenges

Special Guest Presenter: Dr Robert Grant

In this episode, Dr Robert Grant reflects on challenges and opportunities in working online with children with ASD and other sensory processing issues. He offers some practical ways to engage online and activities to use with parents and children. Additionally, consider how you manage your thinking about giving to others and yourself to maximise your wellbeing at this time. 


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#8 - Holding Space: Working with Children

Special Guest Presenter: Dr Jodi Mullen

In this episode, Dr Jodi Mullen reflects on the challenges and opportunities that counselling and play therapy present in these times and shares practical ways to manage and support self and others. Additionally, hear about what the "Third Quarter" in isolation is and how it can affect us. 


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#9 - Holding Space: Spiritual Direction

Special Guest Presenter: Matthew Evans

In this episode, Matthew Evans reflects on the challenges and opportunities that this pandemic crisis can present us with from a spiritual and life meaning and purpose perspective. He describes the similarities and differences that spiritual direction has with counselling and supervision and offers a "welcoming practice" as an example of a spiritual direction process. 


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#10 - Holding Space: Animal Assisted Therapy

Special Guest Presenter: Jay Anderson 

In this episode, Mrs Jay Anderson defines and describes different types of animal assisted-therapy and a range of pathways for training and registration. Practical considerations about using animals in care, counselling and support roles are discussed and considered.


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#11 - Holding Space: Ethics in the Time of COVID-19

Presenter:  Jacki Short

In this episode, Jacki Short reviews Kitchener's ethical principles for counselling with particular reference to COVID-19 challenges. Hear from your colleagues about their current ethical challenges as well as practical ways to manage these. 


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#12 - Holding Space: Creative Engagement for Counselling 


Presenter:  Jacki Short

In this episode, Jacki Short reviews creative ways to engage with counselling clients online using Art, Nature, Music, Stories and Games. 


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#13 - Understanding Anxiety and Insomnia in Children and Young People: The Nesting Approach

Special Guest Presenter: Professor Sue Jennings

In this episode, Professor Sue Jennings shares her neurobiological play therapy approach to soothing children and assisting in managing anxiety and insomnia.

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#14 - Parenting Kids: Anxious to Calm 

Special Guest Presenter: Deb Hopper

In this episode, Occupational Therapist, Deb Hopper shares practical ways to understand different types of common anxieties for children and what parents and professionals can do to help children with these anxieties.


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#15 - Inclusive Practices to Heal and Learn 

Special Guest Presenters: Annie Areum Shin and Emme Krystelle. In this episode, our guest presenters help us answer the questions:

What can I be doing better to welcome and accommodate those different from me? How can I be more inclusive of diversity? What practices help and hinder connection, respect and change?Hear personal experiences of both inclusive and excluding practices in education and health that can help you in best welcoming, understanding and supporting all those you work with. 


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#16 - The Hunter Heartbeat Workshop: Sensory Games for Autistic Individuals and Their Families 

Special Guest Presenter: Kelly Hunter MBE

In this episode, watch inspiring examples of and hear about the Hunter Heartbeat workshop with its creator Kelly Hunter MBE. Her ground breaking work with Flute Theatre, uses Shakespearian drama to connect and skill build with people with ASD. Hear how they successfully adapted their performances from real space to virtual space in response to COVID-19.


Resources    Slides    Midsummer Nights Dream    Pericles    Quiz for PD Certificate 






#17 Supervision as a Super Meeting of Visionaries

Special Guest Presenter: Dr John Lee

In this episode, Dr John Lee explores the role of supervision beyond case presentation to examination of role, soul and context.

Inspired by the international work of Rev Dr Michael Paterson, John shares his experience of the deep learning partnership that is at the heart of the optimal supervision experience and offers practical methods for developing this reflective stance for the benefit of the clients or ‘the absent other’ beyond the supervision session.  Consider the nature and purpose of supervision and how it can be facilitated in a way that promotes transformational learning.


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#18 Supporting International Students 

Special Guest Presenters: Vineeta Giri, Meilia Wongso, Yessica Berlina

In this episode, hear from three International Students in Australia, all studying counselling, reflect on their experiences and ways to best offer support.

Australia has thousands of international students currently studying here. COVID-19 presents particular challenges for these students.

Educators and mental health professionals can benefit in attending this free webinar to hear from three international students about their personal experiences as students, providers and receivers of mental health services.


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#19 2020 - What a year is was! Learnings and Reflections

Special Guest Presenters: Dr Robert Jason Grant (AutPlay Founder, Missouri, USA), Kim Billington (Narrative Therapist, Melb), Emilie Loiseau Curley (Counsellor, Coffs Harbour) and Aidan Elley (Psychologist, Sydney)

What a year this has been! Hear from a number of mental health professionals, at different stages of their careers, who have managed 2020 as they reflect on the learning, challenges and opportunities this year has offered.

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#20 -Making Mealtimes Marvellous

Special Guest Presenters: Phoebe Cormack and Mandy dos Santos

Learn how adults can play a positive role in a child’s eating journey and how music can help us  connect with children and ease anxieties around eating and transitions. 


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#21 - Laughter Yoga: More than a little fun 

Special Guest Presenter: HeatherJoy Campbell

Laughter. We know it feels good and there’s mounting evidence to support the saying ‘laughter is great medicine’. Join The Happydemic’s Heather Joy Campbell, a leading Australian laughter yoga trainer, to find out about this unique exercise regimen that’s helped people destress and reframe challenging thoughts for 25 years, without comedy or humour. This experiential session will give you its science-based background in a nutshell, as well as a few exercises. HeatherJoy’s promise: no jokes and no yoga poses.


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#22 - Stones for Therapy

Special Guest Presenter: Katerina Bolshakova

How can stones be used for therapy? Hear the inspiring story of how Ukrainian artist and psychologist, Katerina Bolshakova started on her journey of painting evocative images of people, emotions and important life events on small pieces of Greek marble. In this webinar you will hear examples of how painted stones can be used in expressive therapy work with children, young people and adults of all ages to help with a range of life’s challenges. Find out how Katerina uses her hand painted stones for counselling practice in sand play therapy, EMDR, CBT, and combined with the use of metaphoric cards and for her own self-care practices.

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#23 - Three Brain Facts That Will Help You Communicate Like a Pro 

Special Guest Presenter: Sue-Anne Higgins 

We’ve all had ‘that conversation’ that didn’t go well with a friend, family member, work colleague or client. It often leaves us scratching our head thinking, ‘what just happened?’. You thought the conversation started well, and then all hell broke loose. The other party didn’t react like you expected.

Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common daily occurrence. We often put it down to a misunderstanding, and then spend time ruminating on the conversation, and possibly even feeling hurt, rejected or even angry.

Sue-Anne will provide key lessons from neuroscience and brain-friendly strategies that will help you communicate more effectively on a day-to-day basis.


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#24 - Ancient Paths for Wisdom Here and Now

Special Guest Presenter: Elizabeth Lee

Throughout the long history of labyrinths whenever and wherever society is going through rapid change and development the labyrinth has blossomed.  Now humanity is seeking the sure path of the labyrinth in an uncertain and confusing world
Jeff Saward, Labyrinth Historian

What can this 5000-year-old ancient archetype, a single meandering path leading to a centre, offer us personally and professionally?  Labyrinths evoke mindfulness, metaphor, pilgrimage, environmental art and community building. They are a tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation.  Liz will draw on her experience of facilitating labyrinth walks in diverse settings encouraging participants to reflect on how labyrinths may enrich their own lives and those with whom they work.  


Slides  Finger Labyrinths

Quiz for PD Certificate






#25 - Early Career Therapists Share Why They Love Creative Therapies 

Special Guest Panellists: Scout Smith-O'LearyAnnie Areum Shin Grace Michail

Hear from three passionate early career mental health workers about why creativity and creative therapies inspire the work they do. From different disciplines and perspectives, each have a story to share about how they discovered creative processes and why they believe they can value add to their counselling, group work and self care. 


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#26 - Storytelling Therapy 

Special Guest Presenter: Dr. Eric Miller, PhD in Folklore, MSc in Psychology

Storytelling Therapy methods are also useful for Life Coaching, and Personality Development.  Storytelling Therapy is one of the Creative Arts Therapies, like Visual Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Music Therapy.  In this presentation, Dr. Eric explains the eight steps of the version of Storytelling Therapy that he practices, and invites session participants to experience some of these steps.

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#27 -  The Ideal Family: A 5 -step process to create a family vision.

Special Guest Presenter: Leonie Cutts, Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Counselling, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

We have probably all had the experience of creating a team vision at work, but have you had a similar conversation at home? With all the family members involved? Imagine the impact of having all the family together, with a tool to help make the conversation easy, creating a vision of who you would like to be. In this webinar Leonie demonstrates a 5-step process to think and talk about the kind of family you want to be and what steps you can take to get there. This is a repeatable, easy process that you can take and use in your own family and with your clients. 

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#28 - Psychosynthesis - Bringing it all together

Special Guest Presenter: Noela Maletz M Soc Sc BA Dip Ed

Integration. Now more than ever we are drawn to approaches to living and working that honour connectivity with self, others and earth. A close colleague of Jung, Roberto Assagioli, pioneered Psychosynthesis, an integrative approach to therapy including:

  • healing and development of the personality
  • contact with the "transpersonal" or spiritual dimension of human existence
  • living relationships with other people, nature, and the planet as a whole.

Learn more about Psychosynthesis in this webinar, an approach that brings together creativity and will, love, joy and wisdom, as well as impulses and drives.

Slides  Quiz for PD Certificate 






#29 - Shine Online: 5 Key Focus Areas for Website Success 


Special Guest Presenter: Alison Hartman

Whether you offer products or services, your website is a key sales platform for your business. It is one of the first things that your potential customers will see when searching for a company like yours online.

In this webinar, Alison Hartman will share 5 key areas to focus your attention on, to ensure that your website is operating at the highest level. The great thing is that you can get started with each of these today!

Slides  Quiz for PD Certificate 






#30 - Embodied Presence and Movement: The Art of Self-Regulation

Special Guest Presenter: Robyn Price

As therapists and as humans, one of the most fundamental forms of support we possess, is our physical body. At a time when data and statistics, fear and uncertainty are part of the everyday, the stress response takes us out of our body. This workshop invites you to inhabit your body, to experience a simple somatic movement sequence, to explore the place of bodyfulness (as opposed to mindfulness) and body movement in the practice of emotional regulation and self-support, and to hold space for yourself and others from a position of embodied presence.

Slides Quiz for PD Certificate 






#31 - The Heart Centeredness of Medicine: From Burn Out to Brilliance

Special Guest Presenter: Dr Olivia Ong

The way the healthcare system is set up directly impacts your burnout. We need to bring awareness to the problems in the system and how they influence your beliefs and behaviour.​ The healthcare field is full of highly stressful situations that trigger your fight/flight/freeze response. We need to understand how to downregulate your nervous system to bring your body back into a state of equilibrium. Having a tough inner critic and repetitive negative thoughts has a huge impact on your energy levels. Learning to practice self-compassion has been shown to reduce levels of burnout in healthcare professionals.

Slides Quiz for PD Certificate 






#32 - How to Parent 21st Century Girls 

Special Guest Presenter: Lisa Jayne

How can a mother combat the influences thrust upon their tween and teen daughters by the social media, devices and peer pressure?

Perhaps it’s true, that we can’t – and arming ourselves for combat every day, becomes a battle that drains OUR self-esteem, our confidence and leaves many Mums feeling powerless and inept.

What if there was another way?

Through the power of emotional coherence, mother’s activate their natural advantage – one that is so enticing their daughters will join them in an emerging process that brings them closer together and empowers them both.

Quiz for PD Certificate






#33 - Give Yourself a Boost in Body, Mind and Spirit - Learn about Reiki 

Special Guest Presenter: Gabrielle Collerson

By the end of the webinar you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Understand what Reiki is & how it balances and replenishes energy
  2. Boost your understanding of the body’s energy fields and how Reiki transfers universal energy from the practitioner’s palms to the client
  3. Gain insight into:
  • what happens in a Reiki session and
  • the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits

Slides Quiz for PD Certificate






#34 - Sacred Storytelling: Teaching Children Reflective Thinking

Special Guest Presenter: Carolyn Handley BSc (Psych Hons) MATS

In this webinar, you are invited to experience Sacred Storytelling for yourself, before we step back and discuss the underlying principles and learn about the breadth of its uses, including with terminally ill children and with young people with eating disorders.

Sacred Storytelling is based on story not doctrine. It invites participants to reflect on the big questions in life. Through storytelling, children can approach challenging questions in age-appropriate ways, through physical play, creative expression and by exploring metaphor.

Children learn to still themselves before the story and to take responsibility for story and art materials afterwards.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

1. Experience a Sacred Storytelling session.

2. Understand some of the core principles underlying Sacred Storytelling, which can help participants to reflect on the story and on the big questions in life.

3. Explore potential applications of this approach by hearing two brief case studies (with terminally ill children and with eating disorders).

Slides Quiz for PD Certificate 






#35 - Building Secure Attachments with Babies: Learn 6 States of Infant Behaviour

Special Guest Presenter: Robyn Ball, Infant and Family Mental Health Educator

This webinar will be valuable for all who are supporting parents and for all with children. It will review: 

  • Current neuroscience around brain development of babies from birth and in the first three months of life,
  • Key developmental milestones around the balancing of a baby’s body systems and the development of trust,
  • Key feelings of babies and their underlying needs,
  • The 6 behaviour states of infants and what they may be communicating to us,
  • The styles of serve-and-return interactions that a baby needs to thrive emotionally,
  • Sharing of the Watch-Wait-Ask method of interacting with babies.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

1. Explain baby brain growth in the first three months of life,

2. Describe the functions of the 6 behaviour states of babies,

3. Demonstrate three example of a serve and return interactions between babies and adults that build attachment.

Slides Quiz for PD Certificate 






#36 - Discover Moving Nature: Movement activities resource for professionals working with children and families

Special Guest Presenter: Jordine Cornish, Registered Dance Movement Therapist (DTAA)

This webinar will offer you an insight into the Moving Nature Professional Development Package. Designed for a range of professionals who specialise in child and/or family development, this playful movement resource, Moving Nature, features an online easy-to-follow video library of 80+ movement activities accessed through a deck of 24 fun, creature cards. Webinar presenter, Jordine, will invite you to explore a playful mindset as she introduces you to the resource and guides you through lively movement experiential exercises designed to help children with expression and movement.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Understand what Moving Nature is and how it can support your professional field,

    2. Learn how Moving Nature exercises can be implemented into therapeutic, community or educational setting,

    3. Enter into a playful mindset and experience some Moving Nature activities.


     Slides Quiz for PD Certificate 





    #37 - Listening with a Receptive Mind 

    Special Guest Presenter: Matthew Evans, Psychologist and Spiritual Director MA. Psych., MAPS

    Our minds have two modes – receptive and active. When our mind is in “receptive mode”, our thinking settles down and we gain greater access to our inner wisdom – an intelligence beyond our personal thinking which can provide helpful guidance in our work with clients. When our mind is in active mode, we access our intellect – a processing capacity to sift through available information in support of a desired goal.

    Both modes of mind are useful. This webinar will mainly explore listening beyond content, beyond the analytical mind, beyond the active or reactive mind. We will explore and practice listening with an open, reflective, receptive and spacious mind. We will explore listening for the soul of the other, beyond the mask or persona, listening with the ‘ear of our hearts’. Listening with more love and understanding.


    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Outline some of the benefits of listening with a receptive or contemplative mind.

    2. Practice listening with a receptive mind.

    3. Reflect on ways to access or listen with a receptive mind.

    Slides  Quiz for PD Certificate 





     #38 - Midlife Reset: An Ordinary Transformation 

    Special Guest Presenter: Liana Morris

    Is improving your health and wellbeing always on your to-do list but you never seem to get around to it? You know what you need to do to prioritise yourself, but you can’t seem to make it stick. Join Liane Morris aka Mrs Invisible and learn how she has transformed her post-menopausal life by losing 24 kilograms, improving her health and becoming more visible. Liane will share her story and the tools that worked for her. Get ready to be inspired to experience your very own midlife reset through ordinary transformation.

    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Change habits sustainably
    2. Lose weight & get healthier
    3. Learn how to prioritise yourself
    4. Stop being invisible!

    Slides  Quiz for PD Certificate 



    #39 - Movement as an act of Self-Kindness

    Special Guest Presenter: Erica Webb

    Movement is the language your body speaks. But we’ve all gotten pretty skilled at ignoring aches and pains or simply explaining them away as our body ‘letting us down’. Plus there’s the issue of time … how do we fit movement in when our day is already full? This webinar will explore the benefits of movement (as distinct from exercise) in managing physical tension and as an important element of personal and professional self-care. We’ll discuss movement itself and the self-kind approach to fitting it in that can replace guilt-fuelled motivation with values-driven action.


    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Experience the benefit of simple movements you can incorporate into your day, even on the busiest of days.

    2. Explore how a self-kind mindset around movement and self-care can create sustainable motivation.

    3. Reflect upon the ways you can incorporate movement and self-kindness into your life.

    Slides  Quiz for PD Certificate 





    #40 Using the Voice for Self-Healing - Pillar of Light Sound Healing Meditation 

    Special Guest Presenter: Tegan Northwood (BA Contemporary Music) 

    This webinar offers you an interactive introduction to sound healing using one’s own voice, visualisation, and intent.  Tegan Northwood developed a process in 2005 that synthesises a number of practices - toning the chakras, energy grounding visualisation, breathwork and vocal harmonics. The result is a free and immediate way to rebalance and revitalise yourself, send healing sound to areas of your body, and raise your overall vibration.  This creates feelings of calm and wellbeing, open-heartedness, and serves as a preparation to group toning, where we can achieve a unified higher-vibrational state with others.  Tegan also introduces foundational concepts that underpin the process, including cymatics (the study of sound vibrating and re-forming matter) and vocal harmonics.  

    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Experience an energy process using visualisation and voice to regain emotional stability, revitalise yourself and feel peace in challenging times,

    2. Find notes and sounds with your voice that resonate body areas and energy centres (chakras),

    3. Gain an introduction to cymatics (the study of sound vibrating and re-forming matter),

    4. Be introduced to basic principles of sound healing.


    Slides  Quiz for PD Certificate 


    #41 - Exploring Emotions through Storytelling

    Special Guest Presenters: Helen Lewis and Asiyeh Ansari

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)

    Helen and Asiyeh are an author-illustrator duo with over 31 years of combined experience in the Early Childhood Education profession. They will share with you their personal and professional motivations behind their Rainbow Hopping Bug enterprise, which publishes books and resources to enable teachers and mental health professionals to help children explore and express their emotions.

    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Recognise the importance of bringing your own passions and interests into play-based experiences,

    2. Learn how Rainbow Hopping Bug resources can be used to help children cope with feelings and uncomfortable emotions,

    3. Enhance your play-based therapy experiences using the VAK method.

     Quiz for PD Certificate 


    #42 - Deep Ecology and Mental Health 

    Special Guest Presenter: John Seed

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)

    Deep Ecology is a philosophy of nature which explores the psychological disease that allows humans to attack the biological fabric out of which our own lives too are woven. This stems from “anthropocentrism”, human-centeredness, and the ensuing illusion of separation from nature. The term was coined by philosophy professor Arne Naess who claimed that “ecological ideas are not enough – we need ecological identity, ecological self”. This webinar explores the relationship of deep ecology to mental wellbeing and includes some experiential processes that help us break through this illusion of separation and allow us to deepen our felt sense of connection with the living Earth and nourish our ecological identity.

    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Understand the cause of our illusion of separation from the rest of the natural world,

    2. Know the kind of therapies that treat this illusion,

    3. Experience a deeper sense of personal connectedness.

    Quiz for PD Certificate 


    #43 - Facial Disfigurement:  Unmasking our Unknown Bias & Upskilling Counsellors

    Special Guest Presenter: Zali O'Dea

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)


    Come share in this journey as Zali explores the experiences of people living with Facial Disfigurement (FD).  She speaks from both personal experience and what it is like to live with FD professionally. This presentation is an expedition of growth as we explore our potential unknown bias towards people living with FD, share common misconceptions, explain how to help ourselves and clients within our therapy room and know where to refer clients if needed.


    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Identify our unknown or potential bias

    2. Learn about the lived experience of living with facial disfigurement

    3. Share common misconceptions for allied health professionals

    4. Explain what we should do in our therapy rooms






    #44 - Everyday Creativity: Knowing Place, Knowing Self

    Special Guest Presenter: Vicky Shukuroglou

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)

    Join us in this webinar to learn more about creative capacities and how they can enhance all aspects of life. As an artist, writer, environmental educator and creative learning specialist, Vicky believes in the power of nurturing our humanity and collaborative potential through intimate connection with our earth and all life it sustains. Vicky will share some of the key processes and outcomes of two projects where careful observation, whole-body sensing, and creative responses, have enabled positive outcomes for all involved. The two projects – one a substantial book that required a 25,000km journey around Australia, and the other a collaboration with children in a Victorian state primary school - are distinct yet share common ground in their ethos and application of creative practice that can inform our every day.  


    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Understand the significance of a strong connection to the natural environment  

    2. Activate greater skills of observation and consciousness.  

    3. Enable richer relationships with self, others, and our earth.  

    4. Learn about creative capacities – no matter how dormant or awake they may be! – and how these can enhance and shape all aspects of life.  

    5. Identify perceived limitations and expand possibilities for self and others.  



    #45 - Embodied Writing as a Healing Tool 

    Guest Presenter: Sarah Cannata

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)

    Join us to learn more about the power of embodied writing as a healing tool. As an Embodied Processing Practitioner, a writer and someone with lived experience, Sarah is passionate about equipping people with tools such as writing that they can use on a 24/7 basis. Sarah will share her lived experience; a snapshot of what research says about the benefits of writing; what embodied writing is and guiding principles; and the importance of cultivating safety. She will also guide the group through several writing prompts during the session. Sarah will share a link to a free PDF embodied writing resource you can download and/or pass on to your clients.

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Understand the difference between standard journaling or diary writing and embodied writing

    2. Learn about how embodied writing can be used as a powerful healing tool

    3. Understand the importance of cultivating safety as part of the embodied writing process




    #46 - Bringing Nature-Based Interventions into Professional and Personal Practice

    Guest Presenter: Kit Kline, MSW

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)


    This webinar will invite participants to think about their own personal connection to nature.  Participants will be introduced to the basic foundations of nature based therapy and how they can be applied to various settings.  It will offer an interactive component where participants can experience nature connection and share this with the group for further learning and reflection. Nature based therapy can be applied both indoors and outdoors and focuses on the concept that nature is co-therapist and our observations of nature can allow us to reflect and understand our inner world better.


    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Learn the foundations of nature based therapy

    2. Apply knowledges into practice

    3. Create your very own self-care practice




    #47 - Being an Empath: From Survival to Mastery 

    Guest Presenter: Penny Short

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)


    In this webinar we will explore the multiple definitions, and some of the classic 'signs and symptoms' of being an 'Empath', (a highly energetically sensitive person). Many people in the helping professions may in fact be an 'empath' in some manner. Through developing an understanding of what is actually happening, energetically in the space, it helps us to work with the energy instead of feeling that we are in effect of it. As more people are identifying themselves as Empaths, it is important to qualify how they energetically interact and how best to assist in building mastery not purely survival strategies. 


    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Explore the Human Energy Field and how this relates to those in the helping professions

    2. Understand the different types of Empaths and how they interact energetically with the world

    3. Explore some key tools that Empaths can use to help develop mastery of their 'sensitivities'.


    Slides and Quiz 


    #48  - Cultivating Creative - Reflective Embodied Practices

    Guest Presenter: Cathy Williams

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)


    Movement and Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator, Cathy Williams, guides you through an experiential workshop with processes to connect with your body and offer fresh avenues for creative self-discovery.   We can often get caught in an overly busy must-be-productive rush, consumed by external forces seeking to distract or numb us, taking us from the present moment and distancing ourselves from connecting with our feeling bodies. 

    We can often get caught in an overly busy must-be-productive rush, consumed by external forces seeking to distract or numb us, taking us from the present moment and distancing ourselves from connecting with our feeling bodies.


    This is an opportunity to create space for being with what is present, enhancing our body awareness - exploring body mapping, somatic touch and intuitive movement - cultivating these expressive practices to dialogue with Self and hold space for others.



    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:

    1. Experience the benefit of weaving modalities - from body mapping, somatic touch, intuitive movement and reflective writing - and how this supports our feeling bodies.
    2. Explore fresh ways to learn to listen to, connect with and understand how our bodies are communicating with us and open avenues for creative expression.
    3. Understand how these creative processes can be implemented as regular self-care practices and further utilised when working with clients.




    #49  - Cinematherapy: Making Meaning with the Magic of Movies

    Guest Presenter: Kathryn Guestre, B.SW and B.Arts (Film Studies)

    From 17 November 2023 10 - 11.15am AEDT (Sydney Time) 

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)



    In this webinar, Kathryn will guide you through the creative approach  of Cinematherapy. This can be a powerful catalyst to promote self-awareness, work on negative beliefs, build self-esteem, discover the Self through film characters, and grow through the experience of watching a film.


    You can learn practical ways in which the effects of imagery, plot, music and all the elements in films can be used to inspire insight, relief and emotional release. 


    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:


              1. Understand the therapeutic use of the modality of Cinematherapy, and how the immersive and conscious experience of viewing a movie is a gateway into healing.


              2. Explore examples of powerful movies and the ways in which their unique themes/ scenes/ characters, model virtues and values such as: perseverance, courage, and resilience.


          3. Experience the ways in which filmic storytelling reinforces inner strengths and resources.


          4. Consider viewing our own lives as narratives, and gain support in finding new perspectives on problems.


    Quiz and Slides 


    #50  - Addressing Abelism in Counselling: How Language Can Make All the Difference

    Guest Presenter: Karin Holmes, Counsellor

    From 16 February 2024, 10 - 11.15am AEDT (Sydney Time) 

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)


    Addressing ableism in counselling is a 60-minute online workshop that explores where ableism hides in plain sight in the counselling space and the mental health field in general. We will discuss where barriers exist and how abled-bodied mental health practitioner may add to them without even knowing. 


    During this workshop, we will discuss what safe language is and how participants can apply it in their work. Participants will be supported to develop awareness and a better understanding of how small changes in words can make a big difference – both for their clients and themselves as practitioners.


    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:


              1. Develop an increased awareness of where ableism hides


              2.  Understand the importance of inclusive language


          3. Improve practice to self-reflect and dismantle bias 




    #51  - The POWER of Volunteering: Pathway to A Successful Career

    Guest Presenter: Mara Lyone (Art Therapist)

    From 18 April 2024, 10 - 11.15am AEST

    Host: Jacki Short, M.Ed (Adult Ed.), B.Sc Psych (Hons), FCCOUNP, MAPS, RPT-S (APPTA)


    In this informative presentation, you will gain an understanding of how volunteering plays a vital role in building a successful career. With most of her clients being directly and/or indirectly acquired by volunteering, Mara is a keen proponent of adding service to your career mix. By knowing the benefits of volunteering, and having the right approach, creative therapists can turn most of their volunteer roles into paid work.

    In this 60 minute webinar, you will become very clear and inspired to use this easy pathway as a stepping stone to achieving your career dreams. Join Mara and begin your journey towards a successful career through the insights gained in this presentation.


    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to:


         1. Understand the enormous value that volunteering can provide 

              2. Gain insights into how to turn a volunteer role into a paying job


          3. Learn about the importance of having "service" in the career mix


          4. Be inspired to take your career to the next level through volunteering